What a Christmas – eight days of fun in the sun.  I’m a north Queenslander and am quite used to the hot and humid weather of a tropical environment.  That is not what greeted me over Christmas this year in Port Vila, Vanuatu.  The weather was amazing, the water was inviting and the company superb.  Unlike Nth QLD you can actually swim in the water in Vanuatu during the months of October to March with no fear of stingers.  In fact, Vanuatu is one of the safest places to swim in the ocean or walk in the bush, which of course I did some of both.  Breakas staff and the patron, George were fantastic as usual, making Christmas memorable for us.  Highlights were being witnesses at a commitment ceremony, creating the Kelby / Steve Special, guaranteed to make you feel fantastic according to John, meeting lots of wonderful people, and camping at Panganisu Village with Karlos and Kathleen for two days.  I handed out about ten first aid kits to the local village and hope to grow this project for next year.  If you have questions about what to do, where to stay or anything else let me know.



Just thought I’d touch base with a few basics about traveling in Vanuatu:

–  you can drink the tap water, and if you have a sensitive stomach buy bottled water.  Vanuatu has amazing fresh water springs everywhere.

– transport is easy.  Stand by the side of the road and look for a small bus with a ‘B’ on the number plate and hail them to stop, tell them where you want to go and if it is in and around Port Vila pay 150 Vatu (Taxi’s are very expensive)

– there are so many places to go and things to see plan in advance otherwise you will miss out

– you couldn’t eat in all the wonderful restaurants and cafes if you changed places each meal – so get out and about

stay tuned for more tips or email me direct for some assistance.


Wow – what a trip.  I can’t believe how much we fit into seven days.  First day was at Espiritu Santo with a visit to Turtle Bay Resort.  You will never guess what we found here?  I knew you wouldn’t!  There is a small circus with acrobatics, clown tricks and fantastic food.  This resort is owned by an ex-european circus clown complete with crusty hair.  Go to radiantgetaways.com for some photos of the antics.  He runs clown classes, kids birthday parties and afternoons of tumbling and fun.  After that excitement we embarked on our next adventure.  After arriving late to the airport two of our group were checked in and, unbeknown to us were shuffled on to a very small twin otter.  All we could do was wave to them through the open door and start preparing ourselves for what awaited us on the tarmac ‘another twin otter’.  What a trip – it was bumpy, noisy and stomach turning for some on the flight with a few small additional bags being carried from the aircraft at Port Vila.

Right, moving on from that experience to Port Vila.  I can’t go into everything we did as it would take days to tell you all about it so here is a dot point snap shot:

–  we’ve seen every bay North, South, East and West of Efate and what it showed us is that we see such a small amount of a country when we arrive cold as tourists

–  snorkeling off Breakas, Hideaway Island and Pele Island was fantastic seeing electric blue fish, large hungry Poulet and giant clams

– Pele Island was a highlight with dolphins swimming under the boat to escort us to the island, then a very comprehensive village tour, entertainment during lunch with a traditional string band and the wonderful voices of the school children

– this trip was a little special in that we presented the village Chief with a large bible for the pulpit for the new church

– the cultural village tour was also fantastic and taught us that we could survive on a deserted island, although befriending a spider to collect its web to go fishing takes me out of my comfort zone – take a look at the photos

We can’t forget the great food almost every meal – to find out more email me when next you travel.

Stay posted for more of what is coming up.


Hi all

wow what a great trip last week.  The weather was fantastic, the water clear, the food amazing and the people even better.  Who could better fresh pacific island lobster cooked on pure Vanuatu beef, or fresh seafood cooked in a light creamy sauce on a bed of rice, or baked red snapper and creme brulee.  Lucky I took my runners for some early morning exercise.  I’m not sure who took who, me or Bear the very large rotty.  I met up with so many wonderful people again this trip, both visitors and locals.

Well, we’re off again, this time visiting Espiritu Santo and wait till you hear what we do there.  Then off to Port Vila for island and village tours, great food and good company.  I’m taking over a group of four who can’t wait to get their feet wet and their appetite satisfied.

Stay posted for what we get up to.


Well, just sitting back here ready to tuck into some Vanuatu grown beef. Potentially the best I’ve ever tasted.  The weather is a little cloudy but it doesn’t detract from anything, the water is warm, the waves are soothing and the people smiling.

You might have heard about the recent earthquake here in Vanuatu!  Well after the Samoan experience people were notably shaken and cautious.  So when the Tsunami warning arrived, everyone along the coast took themselves off as fast as they could to the high ground. Thankfully, no land slides, no damage to property and no Tsunami.

Vanuatu has 83 islands and is mostly shielded from these kind of disasters and when they do come often they are diluted by the surrounding reefs.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have suffered through the recent natural disasters in Samoa, America Samoa, Indonesia and anywhere else affected.

Keeping you posted.


Off to Vanuatu on Sunday and can’t wait to see the sun, the happy smiling faces and immerse myself in the sumptuous menu offered by the South Pacific.  If you haven’t logged on to http://www.radiantgetaways.com yet to enter our competition or to view the Island Chef itinerary then you must RIGHT NOW.  Stay posted for when I share my experiences over the next week. As they’d say in Vanuatu, Thank you too mush.